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Kingchi Engineering Limited is a registered Engineering company in Nigeria having business interests in the following fields but not limited to them.

These fields include:

  1. Facility construction
  2. Power Systems Engineering
  3. Instrumentation
  4. Communication and Information Communication Technology
  5. Mechanical Engineering Services

All combined with their associated front-end Engineering Design (FEED).

We have seasoned personnel in the aforementioned fields. The company started operation with FEED, gradually entered into installation and today has fully gone into fabrication and construction.


Our mission is to use emerging engineering principles and technologies to address needs required for an infrastructure thereby ensuring comfort, efficiency, reliability, and productivity.


Our vision is to be a major global player in engineering practice and technological development.


  • Diligence
  • Honesty
  • Accountability


Engineering Support to corporate fulfillment.


KEL is driven by research, development, safety and divine inspiration. We Have an electrical/electronics workshop called Micheal Faraday’s Cubicle and a general workshop for fabrications both in civil and mechanical engineering works.

Our team of engineers is constantly undergoing training in China, America and Europe discovering on the new ways of technological innovations based on best practices and global standards. We put health, safety, and environment into consideration before carrying out our tasks and ensure continuous vigilance on them as our tasks progress for proper documentation of E.I.A. graph. We are software and hardware Engineers committed to bringing corporate fulfillment to our clients and customers.

Our Team

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Facility Construction (Turn-Key Projects)

We define a facility as any building or project that provides a particular service or is used for a particular industry. It includes:

  1. Hospitals
  2. Factories
  3. Personal homes
  4. Office buildings etc.
  5. Road construction

an image of a wind farm :: Kingchi Engineering Limited


We are into:

  1. Design
  2. Procurement
  3. Fabrication and Installation of power systems and their accessories

Power systems involve all activities along the chain of power generation, transmission, distribution, domestic and industrial wiring.
power generation :: Kingchi Engineering Limited


This means all forms of energy utilization to bring about electrical power generation. There are two prime movers in this industry namely; engines and turbines. In the case of renewable energy, solar panels and batteries are used.

Kingchi Engineering Limited renders services in the area of power budget analysis, an exercise that involves calculating the facility’s power utilization with the view of sizing and giving technical advice with respect to the appropriate power generation mechanism for the facility. The data gathered in this service will be used in our Front End Engineering Design for the purposes of providing uninterrupted power supply to a facility at a comparatively low cost. We do not stop there, rather we go ahead to provide our clients with power generation characteristics (i.e. the power generation graph) and load efficiency of power generating machines. By so doing our clients are left with options to choose from. We have sound knowledge of power generating plants, be it hydro, gas turbine or gas engine, diesel, steam, petrol, wind, solar, biogas and waste (refuse) power generation.

Kingchi Engineering Limited is highly involved in power transmission infrastructure comprising of injection power stations, substation and their associated pole planting and wire stringing. We are in the business of design and construction of facilities relating to the above networks.

We are also into power distribution network infrastructure, rural electrification and power management. In Low Voltage Installations, we do industrial and domestic electrical works. Our power systems department delivers a total package depending on the interests of our clients. Other auxiliary services we render include:

  1. Facility earthing and lightning protection
  2. Power systems protection panels where we ensure continuous power supply by the deployment of fault study to create a platform where data and analytics provide predictive behavior, preemptive action and situational intelligence to the owner or operator
  3. Develop a computer model of your electrical system
  4. Calculate the maximum fault levels at various locations
  5. Evaluate the application of breakers and fuses
  6. Identify problematic areas in your systems
  7. Provide recommended solutions
    1. Check out for underrated equipment and overloaded equipment. This we do through what is called a protection device co-ordination study or circuit breaker coordination study or time current co-ordination or electrical power system protection
  8. Provision of capacitor tank for power factor correction
  9. Provision of load tank for servicing and testing generators etc.

image-for-instrumentation :: Kingchi Engineering Limited


At Kingchi Engineering Limited, measurement and calibration are the live wires of our practice. We are involved in variable or parameter or entity sensing, measuring and subsequent use of the sensed data to effective monitoring and control. This offers us the opportunity to implement the automatic operation of facilities. We handle analog and digital instruments both in oil and gas and non-oil and gas sectors. Through our research and development laboratory, we offer our clients a broad spectrum of sensors and their calibrations for accurate and reliable data detection and transmission. In this respect we surf for and procure such sensors as temperature transmitters, pressure transmitters, float meters, flow meters,  heat sensors, light detectors (either with negative temperature coefficient or positive temperature coefficients), gyroscope, accelerometers, cameras with charge coupled devices, metal detectors spring loaded switches,voltage sensors, etc for our clients, all depending on the parameters being detected. Kingchi Engineering Limited is good at handling pneumatic instrumentation for valve stroking, high pressure and temperature measurement and control and other parament considerations in the oil and gas sector.

image-for-communication :: Kingchi Engineering Limited


Communication is viewed in two perspectives namely: broadcasting and telecommunications.
We are into:

  1. Setting up of analog and digital infrastructure, from mast or tower as the case may be, antenna, outdoor radio, cabling to indoor radio for termination purposes. This infrastructure may be for radio services, television services, UHF,
    VHF and security surveillance Networks. Our vast knowledge in microwave technology has enabled us to render services capable of policing a city by setting up a communication network that can fetch data useful for detection and other sensitive information.

Image-for-ICT :: Kingchi Engineering Limited

At Kingchi Engineering Limited we have a team of web developers, I.T. Specialists, network analysts, security systems experts and software programmers. We work with several programming languages (eg: PHP, Python, javascript, Perl, HTML, CSS, Java, c++, C#, rugby etc. ) Frameworks (eg: Codeigniter,  node js, node WebKit, angular js, Symfony, Laravel etc.) libraries (eg: jquery, bootstrap etc.). We build Responsive websites and web apps, desktop apps for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux etc and mobile apps for platforms like android, ios, blackberry etc. We also design custom software based on our clients’ specifications. You can find some of our sample websites at http://sample.kingchionline.com. We have also designed software packages like KelMart and KelAMS collectively called KelSuite* which contains tools that help with a wide range of activities from asset management and monitoring shipments or consignments to keeping track of sales and generating comparative financial reports. 

In Networking we set up and maintain PAN’s (personal area network), LAN’s (local area networks), WLAN’s (wireless local area networks) WAN’s (wide area networks) and MAN’s (metropolitan area networks). In the course of applying our knowledge of networking, we developed a System called CTAN (Communication Teaching Aid Network). CTAN  is a system that is designed with the primary objective of helping teachers, students, and school administration in effective and well-coordinated academic administration and supervision. It also goes beyond that as it can be used to set up virtual classrooms and so much more*.

We also carry out Network Analysis and Assesment and we implement several network analysis techniques namely

  • PERT (Program Evaluation and Review Technique)
  • CPM (Critical Path Management) etc.

Network analysis which is a vital technique in project management enables us to take a systematic quantitative structured approach to the problem of managing a project through to successful completion. And this, in turn, leads to the generation of valuable information that can be used to ensure the successful completion of the project. Additionally, this information can be represented graphically so that those with a less technical background can understand it.

*more information is available on Our Blog.

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